This is a great park located at northern Sweden (about 1 hour drive from Kiruna) and this is a great place if you wish to visit winter Lapland.

First of all, this place is consider to be oe of the best places to witness the northern lights as it is usually has clear skeis with vey little clouds, other than that it offers tons of winter activities such as ski, ice climbing, dogsledding and more.

There are 2 type of accomodation in the park, one is a family cabin which has kitchen, living room and 2 bedrooms and there is also a motel /hostel section. it is right on the lake (which is frozen during the winter) and best is to go to the lake and watch the aurora borealis, there is also a sauna right on the lake with a cold water hole to dive in right next to it, on the frozen lake.

abisko park cabins-  sweden

This great place is not easy to reach but it is really worth the trip.

At the bottom of the canyon there is a small village by the name of Supai, and from there you can have some of great  short hikes to a set of  amazing waterfalls. To reach the supai village you will need to reserve in advance (months in advance) a room at teh lodge (only one it the village) or at the campground located near havasu falls (2 miles away from Supai village) – they never replied my emails so best is to call (and call, and call as they are hard to reach) - here, its better to reserve at least 2 nights since one night will only allow u to get in and out and see nothing in between.

Once you have your nights reserved you need to get to “Hualapai hilltop” (from road 66 you take Hualapai hilltop hwy for 60 miles) you park at the end of the road and start hiking down, 10 miles later you reach the village and from that you can visit the falls (hikes range from 1.5-8 miles)

When you need to hike back it is always good to leave very early as most of the hike is easy, flat and only the 2 last miles back up to the parking area are the tough part – you dont want to do it in full sun, get out of the village with headlights and try to reach your car before 9 AM.

We chose to hike all the way down and back up with small backpacks with only what we really needed for 2 days and water, but there are other ways to get down, either on horses or by helicopter (no reservations, village residence and suppliers get priority over tourists), you can also hike down and have your gear brought to you by horses if you want.

havasu fallsfalls  Mooney falls havasu falls falls

Ok, this is not really a tip as this has a lot of luck element in it, but still, there are few things you can do in order to help your luck here.

in general, for best chances of getting a view of the northern lights its better to go some place where there is little lights (outside the city lights) and get out to the cold night with some patience as it can take a while to start (and if you are lucky can take a while to last). Make sure you wear a lot of warm clothes, thermo clothes and even ski pants and coats (i just purchased some stuff on ebay before i went) as it can be very cold and can take a while.

cold, cloudless nights are best, and in order to know when is the best night/ time to get outside you can install some aurora forcast and status apps (like this one for example)

lights over the sauna cabin Lights over a house Lights over a house Lights over a house

We love to traveling to cold places and few months ago we spent 10 days at Swedish lapland (most of the time was a place called Abisko national park). For one morning we took a guide to teach us how to ice climb on a frozen waterfall, it was fun but very challanging, you climg the icefall with crampons on your shoes and axes in your hands while instructions are given and a rope securing you in case you fall.

I recomend taking a private guide for your group even if it is only 2-3 people as you will get to climb few times (4-5 times) instead of one time like the group next to ours had (and price was not that different)

great expirience.

ice climbing at Swedish Lapland

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